• Living Our Mission

    We are a Church-owned non-profit organization founded in faith.

    Dedicated to providing education, support and resources during life's most difficult moments. We make every effort to enable individuals to achieve their final wishes, and empower families to make thoroughly informed decisions.


    Sharing the Moment

    Just as every individual is unique so is every funeral.

    A funeral is a time to share the memories of a loved one and support family and friends. Our compassionate staff and well-appointed facilities enables you to focus on sharing this special moment without undo stress and anxiety.


    Creating New Traditions

    Cremation - flexible, affordable and accepted by the Church.

    We are living our mission by providing complete end-of-life services that are convenient, dignified, and affordable.


    A Sanctuary for the Living

    A permanent place of remembrance.

    Cemeteries are unique. A sanctuary from the fast and often hectic pace of modern life. With their inspiring environments, our cemeteries are an inviting place to remember and be remembered.