Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum


The Mausoleum is a unique and sacred site, just below the Cathedral. Built for the ages, it replicates the tradition of the early Church to place the remains of the faithful at the grounds of the Church. Designed to capture the dimensions and filtered light of the cathedral above, the mood is sacred and welcoming as you enter the Mausoleum and discover the gentle serenity of a foundation amidst the beautiful Carrara marble. The mausoleum has 1,300 spaces for crypts and 1,850 niches for cremated remains. There are also 12 crypts reserved for the past, present and future Bishops of Oakland.

The first Bishop of Oakland, the Most Reverend Floyd Begin, was re-interred in the mausoleum at a special service on November 2, 2008.

Services and Features 

The Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum has a variety of options for crypt and cremation interments. In addition, Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum provides funeral and cremation services to the community, becoming a complete resource for your cemetery and funeral needs. Whether you are interested in advanced planning or in need of immediate assistance, our Family Service Counselors and Funeral staff are available to offer support and guidance to our families.

The Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum also offers various programs and events for our faith community. When you purchase cemetery property at the Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum you are contributing to the Legacy of Faith program, and may be eligible for a tax deduction based on the value of the property you select. Special events are hosted on Mother’s Day, All Soul’s Day, and other days throughout the year to join together as a community and celebrate the lives that have gone before us. For more information on the parish, conference center, Chancery offices, rectory/residence, public plaza, garden, café and Cathedral shop, please visit the Cathedral of Christ the Light website.