Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center FD1958


Holy Cross Cemetery, with its two distinct facilities, is rooted along either side of East 18th Street in the historic city of Antioch. When the founding Dominican Fathers first arrived in Eastern Contra Costa County they established a traditional Catholic parish burial ground, Holy Cross Cemetery, to minister to the needs of the resident Catholics and their families.

Later, the Diocese of Oakland assumed responsibility for Holy Cross Cemetery and expanded the services to more fully minister to the local and regional Catholic community. During this time the cemetery extended its location along East 18th Street and now spans a full fifty-five acres. A little over a third of the cemetery has been developed, leaving thirty-five acres of consecrated land free to meet the needs of our current and future faith community.

In 1968, development of this burial ground opened with two garden mausoleum crypt structures and a full two-acre lawn section for ground burials. The second mausoleum, completed in 1982, contains a chapel for entombment services as well as the memorial Masses that are celebrated each month. In 1992, a third beautiful garden complex was constructed with additional crypts, niches, and a new section for ground burial. Extensive landscaping now defines Holy Cross Cemetery, creating a pastoral serenity to what is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Oakland Diocese.

The lush grounds are proudly maintained and cared for, creating a peaceful, serene experience for our visitors. In 2007, Holy Cross planted vineyards in the rolling hills of the cemetery to provide grapes for sacramental wine in the Oakland Diocese. Rock Wall Wine Company of Alameda is producing a sacramental rosé wine using 100% of the grapes grown at the cemetery.

Services and Features

Over the course of the cemetery’s 136 years of service, more than 10,000 committal services have taken place. Holy Cross Cemetery currently supports the burial needs of nine eastern Contra Costa County parishes, providing options for traditional ground burial, cremation niche, mausoleum crypts, and family estates. In addition, Holy Cross Cemetery provides funeral and cremation services to the community, becoming a complete resource for your cemetery and funeral needs. Whether you are interested in advanced planning or in need of immediate assistance, our Family Service Counselors and Funeral staff are available to offer support and guidance to our families.

Holy Cross Cemetery also offers various programs and events for our faith community. When you purchase cemetery property at Holy Cross you are contributing to the Legacy of Faith program, and may be eligible for a tax deduction based on the value of the property you select. Special events are hosted on Mother’s Day, All Soul’s Day, and other days throughout the year to join together as a community and celebrate the lives that have gone before us.

Memorial Mass is held on the first Saturday of each month