St. Augustine Cemetery


The beautiful, sacred grounds of St. Augustine Cemetery are owned an operated by St. Augustine’s Parish. In 1908, Fr. Joseph McAuliffe, the second pastor of St. Augustine‚Äôs Parish, consecrated a plot of land on Sunol Boulevard as a Catholic Cemetery. Several unmarked graves were present upon consecration of the land, dating the history of the cemetery back to the earliest settlers. It is likely that the unmarked graves belonged to Native Americans and Chinese laborers who worked on the railroad.

Today, St. Augustine Cemetery remains rich with the history of the beginning of the cemetery grounds, and has developed to accommodate the needs of the surrounding Catholic communities. cfcs is proud to support St. Augustine’s Parish in the maintenance and development of these peaceful cemetery grounds.

Services and Features

St. Augustine offers a large variety of options for cremation niches, crypts, and ground burial. In addition, St. Augustine provides funeral and cremation services to the community, becoming a complete resource for your cemetery and funeral needs. Whether you are interested in advanced planning or in need of immediate assistance, our Family Service Counselors and Funeral staff are available to offer support and guidance to our families.

St. Augustine also offers various programs for our faith community. When you purchase cemetery property at St. Augustine you are contributing to the Legacy of Faith program, and may be eligible for a tax deduction based on the value of the property you select.