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Diocese of Oakland

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services of Oakland is a charitable organization serving the Diocese of Oakland. As a ministry of the Catholic Church, we provide funeral, mortuary and cemetery services, as well as educational outreach to parishes and caregiver organizations.

Our mission is to provide guidance and wisdom on end of-life services. While we do charge for our services in what has become a very commercial industry, we are committed as a charity to offer innovative programs that provide financial assistance, free options, and programs to meet the needs of our faith community.

A Message From Our Bishop

“Our Catholic funeral tradition affirms our belief in the communion of saints and our trust in Jesus’ promise of everlasting life. Burying of the dead is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy, incumbent upon every Christian. The Church’s rituals enable us to honor our dearly departed with solemn and tender devotion. Our Catholic Cemeteries provide us with a gathering place on holy ground where the living can prayerfully remember those who have gone before us awaiting the Resurrection to eternal life.

-Bishop Barber

Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Outreach and Prayer for Bereaved Families

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) is here to help bereaved Catholic families suffering the loss of a loved one. Too often, that suffering is combined with physical and social isolation, and the Church has a chance to fill the void of loss with faith and compassion. Our qualified Pastoral Ministers will make contact with our recently bereaved families, offering prayer, consolation, and comfort to those in a time of suffering.

Download the Pastoral Care Program Engage Sheet.

All Souls Remembrance Program

All Souls Remembrance Crypt

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) offers at no charge, to anyone, of any faith, who has cremated remains at home or is considering scattering, the dignified committal of the remains at any of our cemeteries. The committal will occur at the All Souls Remembrance Crypt and then the remains will be permanently interred within the consecrated grounds of the Catholic Cemetery.

Highlights of the Program

  • Free placement in the Remembrance Crypt available at any of our cemeteries
  • A committal service from the Order of Christian Funerals
  • A permanent recordation of interment, as well as an optional cenotaph for memorialization
  • Remains always stay within consecrated grounds
  • Open to all funeral homes
  • Open to all faiths

Click here to download the All Souls Remembrance Program Engage Sheet

Mother Teresa Program

Mother Teresa Program

Funeral and Cemetery Assistance Program that serves families in need in our community.

Mother Teresa firmly believed that love begins at home and that we should reach out to those in need in our family first, then our community, our country and our world. It is in this spirit that CFCS created the Mother Teresa Program that allows the poor and destitute in our community to receive sacred and dignified funeral, cremation and cemetery services.

“Love Begins at Home”

Mother Teresa proclaimed “I want you to find the poor here, right in your own home... love begins at home.” [In our community there are many in need; over 20%* of Californians live below the poverty line. * US Census SPM 2009-2015]

Mother Teresa Program
Serving Our Community

With the Mother Teresa Program, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) of Oakland is able to give back to the community by ensuring that those in need in our community receive sacred and dignified funeral, cremation and cemetery services.

Living Our Mission

As a charitable organization, CFCS assists families in sharing this most meaningful experience with family and friends.

Click here to Download the Mother Teresa Program Engage Sheet


Family Heritage Program

CFCS allows family members who choose cremation to be buried in an existing family grave or crypt.

Create a Family Estate :

Catholic Cremation

A new program bringing families together when cremation is the preferred choice.

Connect Past, Present & Future Generations

Transform an existing grave or crypt into a family plot and create a place of remembrance for generations to come.

Living Our Mission

CFCS makes end of life services more affordable so that everyone in the community can have a dignified and sacred resting place.

Click here to Download the Family Heritage Program Engage Sheet.


Precious Lives Program


A Caring Service

Mission Purpose

This program provides caring funeral and cemetery financial support for those who have suffered the loss of a child. The program also provides sacred interment services in the Order of Christian Funerals, for hospitals within the community, for the death of an unborn child at any of our Catholic Cemeteries.

Contact CFCS

CFCS, a ministry of the Diocese of Oakland, offers complete end-of-life services. For Immediate Care and Program Rules, please call to speak with a Family Service Advisor.

Living Our Mission

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) is a charitable organization founded in faith and dedicated to providing education, support and affordable professional services.

Click here to Download the Precious Lives Program Engage Sheet



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