June 16, 1968 - May 29, 2024


Andy Dharmadi

Andy Dharmadi, passed away very suddenly on May 29, 2024 — just 2 weeks before his 56th birthday. He was the most hardworking man who loved his family more than anything and always put others before himself. Since Andy immigrated from Indonesia to America in the 90s, he dedicated his life to building a life for his family. He flourished in his career within the car dealership industry to provide a home for his family, worked hard to bring his mom and all his siblings to America, and at one point, even opened an Indonesian restaurant to provide jobs and an income for his mom and siblings. None of it was easy but because of Andy's unbeatable work ethic, dedication, and deep love for his wife and kids, he never gave up and always pushed on.

Andy loved to tell stories, make people laugh, hang out with his wife Paula, karaoke, pull goofy dance moves, capture memories, take road trips, eat good food, watch action movies, and explore. To his longtime friends, Andy was known as the group leader, life of the party, fearlessly fashionable, highly confident, popular, and fiercely loyal to his loved ones. This is the Andy that will live in our hearts and in our memories.

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