Rosa Parks Essay Contest Finalists

Rosa Parks Essay Contest FinalistsFor the past 6 years, Tom Luzod, Location Manager of Sorensen Chapel has had a student essay contest. Sorensen Chapel was proud to host another Community Student Essay Contest open to all grades 5 through 8. The essay must be written solely by the student; however, we encourage parents to read what their students have written and to guide, question, and probe that the students are providing strong, sound arguments. Students were given the topic in January 2020 and were to have them completed and turned in to Sorensen Chapel by March 16th.  On Saturday, March 28th, all parents, students, teachers, and the public were invited to hear the reading of the 10 finalists. Due to the Coronavirus and Health Order, postponement of the event was necessary.


The following 2020 Essay Topic was given:


On, December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing a bus driver’s instructions to give up her seat to a white passenger. Three black passengers complied with the driver, Rosa Parks did not. Rosa Parks later recalled that her refusal wasn’t because she was physically tired, but that she was tired of giving in.


Is it ever right to defy the law as Rosa Parks had done, why or why not? Rosa Parks said she was tired of “Giving in.” Can you provide some examples of what she was alluding to as “Giving In?” Act of Defiance, is there any issue/issues today that would justify and Act of Defiance and what of the consequences?


Approximately 80 essays were turned in. The essays were given a score of 1 through 10. 10 being the highest. 2 middle schools chose to enter; Faith Ringgold School of Arts & Science and All Saints Catholic School. Awards will be given to the top 4 essays on Wednesday, June 3rd.


1st place $200.00
2nd place $100.00
3rd place $50.00
4th place $25.00


The following names have scored a 9 or 10 on their essay and the school they attend:



Olivia Ritchie, Fey Olawale, Alexander Diaz, Xochitl Santana Vega, Zachary Lopez, Andrea Jerald, Audrey Retodo



Jose,  Oliver Langan, Alexander Medrano

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